OvRcharge charges your smartphone while it floats in the air

Tired of tedious charging with wires? We have good news - this will soon be over. With the OvRcharge device, you can charge your smartphone while it slowly floats in the air. The Kickstarter crowdfunding platform has already raised half of the amount needed to implement this very unusual wireless charger for mobile devices.

To date, two modifications of levitation chargers have been developed, differing in the value of the charging current: 500 mA and 700 mA. The maximum smartphone weight for both variants is 600 g.

Platform in the form of a cover

Structurally, the device consists of a base unit containing a control module with an inductive emitter, as well as a case-platform on which a charged smartphone is fixed. An energy-receiving coil and a powerful magnet are built into the platform, which provides levitation in space. At the current stage, platforms have been developed for the most popular models from Apple and Samsung. The rest will require a little refinement of the fixing elements.

By pre-order, the levitation charger will cost $ 199 for the simplest version. It is planned that the first copies will reach customers at the end of this year.