I-Protect protection system prevents door dents

A group of students from Cologne aged 15-17 have developed an intelligent system to protect car doors from mechanical damage. Most manufacturers go with the installation of side bumpers to cushion the impact, but the new system works on a different principle.

The schoolchildren, under the guidance of their teacher, developed a system that stops the opening of the car door if it can hit an obstacle. They did not protect the door from damage, but simply excluded the very possibility of damaging it.

Sistema won first place in a competition held in Boston under the auspices of the Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting specialist. The company Kiekert AG, which occupies a leading position in the development and production of locking systems for doors of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, became interested in the development.

Kiekert AG CEO Dr. Karl Krause noted that his company has been able to achieve significant success through the support of young inventors and cooperation with universities around the world.