Become a cyborg: a chip that will endow a person with a sixth "magnetic" sense

It is no secret that birds, fish, lobsters, dogs feel the magnetic field well. For some time now, scientists have been interested in the question of whether a person is capable of this. At the same time, the scientific community was divided, and some enthusiasts tried to endow a person with such a feeling.

A waterproof gadget smaller than a matchbox called North Sense, which charges via USB and vibrates when the wearer turns north, will help activate this ability.

The chip is attached to the skin just below the collarbone over the chest with a piercing. The idea is to teach a person to perceive North Sense as a sixth sense, not a separate device.

Cyborg Nest head Liviu Babitz already has a "North feeling"

North Sense is different from other similar sensors. The manufacturer of the device, Cyborg Nest, is more interested in studying what influences the perception of reality rather than its practical functions. That is why the device is not equipped with a GPS sensor and is not connected to the network.

At the next stage of research, the company plans not only to find out how the sensor affects a person's sense of orientation, but also his perception of the world around him. As one of the research leaders Liviu Babiz explains, while the scientific community has not come to a consensus about the existence of a "magnetic" feeling, however, the company has already received proposals from several scientists interested in continuing the research.