A house three meters wide was built in Japan

Japanese architects continue to reduce the number of square meters on which the average family can comfortably sit. They also hold another record - a house only three meters wide.

Specialists from the Japanese architectural bureau Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates commissioned their client from Aichi Prefecture to create a project of an ultra-compact house, the width of which does not exceed three meters. Moreover, the idea was brought to life, and between the two large cottages "squeezed" a compact house, more like a long corridor.

The compact house has an area of ​​63 square meters. This square accommodates a small bedroom, a nursery, a full kitchen, a dining room and a large hall. A bathroom is also provided.

The developers admit that the only drawback of the house they developed was the lack of full-fledged windows, which replaced small windows that are almost under the ceiling. But the lack of sunlight is offset by light colors in the interior and artificial lighting.

This is an interesting idea, especially for a country like Japan. As you know, the average population density there is very high - 335 people per square kilometer.