A strange 2000-year-old mummy with a golden tongue found in Egypt

A group of archaeologists from the University of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), together with Egyptian colleagues, made some amazing finds at a place called Taposiris Magna. The most intriguing was the tongue made of gold, which was found on one of the mummies buried here. Scientists have put forward a version that it could be a prosthesis, but not functional, but made for a religious purpose.

Thanks to the hoard of coins with the face of Cleopatra VII in the burial, it was possible to establish the era - 2000 years ago, the time when Egypt came under the rule of the Roman Empire. A total of 16 burial grounds were found in Taposiris Magna, in which, in all likelihood, the priests of Osiris were buried. This follows from the decorations and patterns dedicated to this deity. The remains of the scrolls were found with two mummies, but they have not yet been deciphered.

Archaeologists drew attention to the meticulousness of the ancient craftsmen who made statues with the faces of the dead, as well as face masks. They feature detailed facial features, hair and emotions - the female mask smiles, and the male sculpture is emphatically stern. This means that both the deceased and the organizers of the funeral were not at all indifferent to the form in which the souls would appear before Osiris.

The mummy with the golden tongue did not have soft tissues, so it is impossible to understand whether this person had problems with the tongue during his lifetime. Probably there were, and the gold prosthesis was made to compensate for this shortcoming in the afterlife. According to another version, the choice of material indicates a desire to charm, conquer Osiris with sweet and wise words using a luxurious language.