A perfectly preserved Roman fast food shop found in the ruins of Pompeii

During the excavation of the ruins of Pompeii, archaeologists have discovered an interesting object - a perfectly preserved thermopoly. The name is derived from the words "thermos" (hot, in this case - food) and "field" (trade). This is an analogue of a modern street eatery with fast food, and there were at least eight dozen of them in Pompeii, which is quite a lot even for such a large city by ancient standards.

The shopping facility was located at the once bustling intersection of Serebryanaya Svaddeniya Street and Balcony Alley. The archaeologists were very lucky that its owners were economic people, so at the first sign of a disaster they closed the establishment, put out the hearth and covered the dishes with lids. Thanks to this, they even preserved food samples. A little later, a thief jumped into the empty thermopoly and opened the pot - he was burned by the steam from the hot food, he hesitated and died, clutching the lid in his hand.

Thermopoly was very well equipped, it had its own water tower, a small fountain, and many amphorae of different sizes. In one, scientists found fava beans, which were used to change the taste of wine - in the institution they sold alcohol. Snacks included meat from ducks and roosters, snails and goats, as well as fish dishes. Separate food items and remnants of ready-made meals, such as paella, were found, indicating a wide range of food in Thermopoly.

The archaeologists were most surprised and delighted by the intricate color drawings on the diner counter. The owners spared no expense for the services of a professional artist who depicted wild beasts, fighting gladiators and a nereid nymph riding a seahorse. Obviously, this was not a modest stall, but a real decoration of Pompeii, which miraculously survived under a layer of ash.