RhinoWolf - modular camping tent for 1 or 100 people

Startups come up with so that lazy people immediately see where to carry their money for the next "amazing life hack". The RhinoWolf project is no exception. An Israeli team has invented a tent for weekend hikers that can provide a weather haven for a lone wanderer or a large group - if you have multiple RhinoWolfs.

Structurally, this is a typical one-person tent with a frame made of aluminum pipes and an extremely lightweight synthetic awning. Three factors make the product special: the set includes an inflatable mattress, while the whole set weighs half as much as its analogues, plus several tents can be easily combined into one large one. The RhinoWolf is a cell tent that is equally comfortable for individual and group use.

This is where the advantages end and the disadvantages begin, the first of which is the $ 269 price tag for the typical version of the tent. For the insulated version you need to pay extra, for the mat under the mattress too, but there is also an opportunity to purchase a light summer version. A cursory analysis of the prices of camping equipment suggests that it is not in favor of RhinoWolf; it will not be easy for a financially competitive startup to become.

The space inside the prefabricated system of tents is unified, it is not zoned in any way and resembles a dormitory, which has only two entrances and exits - to get out, to the toilet in the middle of the night, you will have to crawl along the entire corridor. A closer look at the mattress in the set also does not add optimism, because for the sake of minimizing weight and size, it was made of symbolic thickness. On the other hand, it inflates much faster than standard models.

Perhaps, for the climatic conditions of the Israeli deserts, RhinoWolf is good, but outdoor enthusiasts from other parts of the world look at the startup with skepticism.