Novosibirsk chemists have found a replacement for platinum

To this day, platinum has been the main catalyst in fuel cells. For all its merits, it is, alas, a very expensive metal. For example, electrodes with platinum account for 2/3 of the cost of the entire fuel cell.

The chemists of the Novosibirsk State University set themselves the goal of finding a cheap substitute for the noble metal. It turned out to be a cobalt-iridium solution obtained using a very effective method - thermolysis of a double complex metal salt. The new technology makes it possible to obtain a metallic solution much faster than before - in a matter of hours instead of months. The finished compound is in no way inferior to its expensive predecessor - platinum, while being half the price and having a longer service life.

Fuel cells are promising energy sources with impressive efficiency (from 55%). They also differ in unlimited operating time, subject to the timely supply of fuel and oxidizer. For the formation of a chemical reaction on the electrodes, a catalyst is required, which is platinum.