In the next few years, we may have harmless synthetic alcohol

Alas, even the highest quality alcoholic beverages are harmful to health - but soon this "disadvantage" may disappear. According to The Guardian, British scientist David Nutt has been working on a synthetic alcohol substitute called Alcarelle for over 10 years. According to Nutt, it will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of alcohol without experiencing its harmful effects.

Here's what the inventor himself says:

We know where in the brain the “good” and “bad” effects of alcohol are formed, and which receptors are responsible for this. The effects of alcohol are complex, but we can affect the parts of the brain that we need.

Nutt is now working to give the synthetic alcohol molecule a "peak effect." It will prevent Alcarelle users from crossing the line beyond which alcohol withdrawal begins. David also strives to completely eliminate toxicity that causes health problems and hangovers.

Nutt sees his ultimate goal in industrial production of Alcarelle and its sale to companies producing various drinks based on it. Analysts believe that if Nutt manages to refine the molecule of his synthetic alcohol, the industry can really adopt it.

David Nutt