The first Russian computers based on the Elbrus-8S processor are presented

Russian specialists are actively working on creating an element base for domestic computers. We are talking about equipment that will be installed in government agencies, defense industry enterprises and law enforcement agencies. The first prototypes of such computers were presented at the CIPR 2017 event (Digital Industry of Russian Industry) in Innopolis.

At the heart of Russian computers is the Elbrus-8C processor, developed by the Ruselectronics holding. Processors of this type will be installed on a PC with the operating system of the same name on the Linux kernel.

The work is close to completion, and a trial batch of Russian PCs based on Elbrus-8C will go into production at the beginning of July this year, and the first servers at the end of 2017.

Elbrus-8S is represented by an 8-core processor with a frequency of 1, 3 GHz and 64-bit architecture. Its capacity is 250 gigaflops.

The cost of the product has not yet been determined, since it will entirely depend on the volume of orders. For comparison, PCs based on the Elbrus-4C processor of the previous generation are sold at a price of 198 thousand rubles.