Star Wars: Squadrons lets you pilot the X-Wing in virtual reality

A few days after the official announcement of the game Star Wars: Squadrons, the first trailer appeared on the network, revealing the details of the gameplay. It will be possible to play immediately on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and for the latter two platforms support for virtual reality is announced. EA emphasized that they took into account the negative experience with loot boxes, so in the new game there will be significantly fewer of them, and everything you need can be obtained exclusively in the course of game progress, and not for money.

The main activity in Star Wars: Squadrons is flying space fighters. The technique belongs to the period of "Return of the Jedi", but the classic X-Wing and TIE will not be limited, many types of combat vehicles are promised. The events in the game take place after the destruction of the second Death Star, but the Empire has not yet fallen - on the contrary, its space fleet is ready to give the last, decisive battle. You can play for either side.

In single player mode, we go through a storyline that tells about the events in space in the last days of the Empire. In online mode, you need a team of five fighters to break through to the enemy flagship and destroy it. A full-fledged team game is promised, where the specialization and equipment of each participant is important. All available equipment can be upgraded and its appearance can be changed.