This free app will turn your iPhone into a good old iPod

Rewound is a new player application, developed by programmer Louis Anslow, with the help of which the iPhone display takes on the look of an already forgotten, but still a cult iPod. The iPhone's display is divided into two parts - a smaller one that resembles an iPod and a larger one with controls that can be customized using various skins.

Apparently, the most popular skin that became the basis of the application is the traditional wheel-shaped switch, pictured above. In addition to the aesthetics of the copied controls of the original iPod, the app aims to copy functionality and, just as important, feel through tactile feedback.

Interaction with Rewound will be slightly different due to the lack of buttons, since Apple has long abandoned them, and yet the developers of the application have tried to preserve the same feeling on a modern device as much as possible.

Currently, you can listen to recordings from the Apple Music library using Rewound. Anslow is dedicated to creating new functionality that will include support for Spotify. A lock screen widget similar to the iPod Nano is also under development.

The Rewound app is free and available on the iOS App Store.