An unusual living creature will be shown at the Paris Zoo - almost immortal and with 720 sexes

From next week, Parisians and visitors to the city will be able to see a very strange creature, whose age can reach a billion years. It is a "Blob" and he or it refers to mucous mold or slime mold. This is not an animal, not a plant, not a mushroom or a lichen, but a completely different form of life that can form colonies-plasmodia. And those, in turn, are able to move! (at a speed of 4 cm / h).

Blob's immense age is a guess based on the observed actual immortality of this creature. Plasmodium easily disintegrates into small formations or even separate drops, so it is not afraid of physical damage, it just closes the gap within a few minutes. Blob has no organs, as such, and therefore no vulnerabilities.

Blob, exactly the one that was grown in a Petri dish and will be displayed in Paris, loves oatmeal. It feeds successfully, although it does not have a mouth or stomach, and is just as effective in finding its way around without eyes. If a slime mold meets another slime mold, they will combine and form a new structure up to 50 cm across. In this case, the learned information about the surrounding space and its features will be transferred to each other. All this greatly increases the chances of a slime mold for survival, and with its almost complete invulnerability, it is very similar to the famous tardigrades.