New Russian technology will turn any aircraft into a drone

The unique technology was developed by Sergey Tytsyk, Technical Director of Tiber. With its help, any aircraft, after minor modifications, turns into a drone.

The relevance of the development is beyond doubt. The demand for drones is constantly growing, and their production is just gaining momentum. Thanks to her, aviation equipment to be written off, as well as aircraft and helicopters in service, will be able to acquire a second life.

The scope of such UAVs is huge. For example, the converted Ka-26 helicopter will be able to transport goods in the Far North. This technology can be adapted for marine vessels, in particular, for coast guard boats when serving during a storm. As soon as the weather returns to normal, the boat will again be able to carry out service as usual with the crew.

The system operates thanks to special servo drives with feedback installed on the controls - rudders, flaps, steering wheels, brakes. The system provides for the so-called "break-off link" in case of an emergency. When it occurs, the pilot-operator breaks the tight connection between the controls and the autopilot drives.

The system can be connected to the avionics of aircraft, boats and helicopters with minor modifications.