The new material will be able to store heat while it is compressed

Scientists at the University of Tokyo under the leadership of Professor Okoshi have developed a unique technology for long-term storage of thermal energy, based on the use of the properties of titanium pentoxide. Ceramics created on the basis of this material is capable of accumulating thermal, light or electrical energy, and then controllably release it in the form of heat under the influence of pressure.

The ability to accumulate energy appeared due to the ability of titanium pentoxide to change its structure when exposed to external energy. The phase transition from the beta state to the lambda state is accompanied by the absorption of a significant amount of energy, and the destruction of the transformed structure under pressure leads to its release.

Scientists suggest widespread use of this ceramics for developments in the field of renewable energy sources. The ability to store various types of energy, store it for a long time and return it to consumers in the form of heat will revolutionize energy supply. In the near future, industrial use of the discovery is not yet possible, but development continues.