Peruvian scientist has found the legendary "boiling river" in the Amazon jungle

Since childhood, the Peruvian geologist Andres Ruzo heard legends about a deadly river of boiling water far in the Amazonian jungle, but did not believe them. Until, in adulthood, he learned that his relative from the Indian tribes personally bathed in this river. He managed to find this miracle of nature, spent several years studying it and wrote a book, but flatly refuses to reveal the location of the river until the authorities guarantee its safety.

By "boiling rivers" or lakes, the myths of different peoples traditionally meant geothermal springs, but their existence requires proximity to active volcanoes, which certainly does not exist in the Amazon jungle. But there is a river with a water temperature of more than 86 degrees Celsius. And this is an impressive stream 25 m wide and up to 6 m deep, which stretches for 6, 24 km.

From time to time the water in the river is diluted by rains and then you can swim in it for a short time. However, this is a truly deadly place - the geologist repeatedly saw how animals fell into the river, lost consciousness from pain shock, water was poured through the mouth, and the creature was slowly welded alive from the inside. Ruzo explains the constant influx of heat by the fact that the underground water flow in some place flows next to the magmatic one. Far from here, no one knows where, the water heats up and already hot comes out - this is a unique phenomenon not yet described in science.

Approximate calculations show that we can talk about a whole network of underground boiling rivers, which could stretch from the Andes itself, for thousands of kilometers. This is a new kind of eco-environment - the scientist found hitherto unknown microbes in hot water and insists that the river needs comprehensive study. Alas, this requires funds, and the Peruvian authorities are not even sure that they can give the river the status of a reserve and protect it from the ubiquitous tourists. Therefore, Ruzo is in no hurry to reveal the place of the unique find.