Smart patch can help control pain using a smartphone

Millions of athletes and arthritis sufferers widely use special disposable medical patches to relieve joint and muscle pain. Engineers at the King Abdullach University of Science and Technology from Saudi Arabia, led by Muhammad Mustafa Hussein, have developed a flexible "smart" patch with the function of temperature control via a smartphone.

The idea for its creation came to Muhammad Hussein two years ago, when he drew attention to how his mother used a chemical plaster during an attack of arthritis. He decided to create an inexpensive, easy-to-use copper-based wearable device. The main problem faced by the researchers - the creation of elastic connections between the elements of the device was successfully solved. The joints were stretched 20-25% from their original condition.

As a result, an original device was born in the form of a fractal pattern of repeating intricate figures that make up a continuous non-intersecting line. This configuration allows 800% stretch over the original size.

The creators of the smart patch expect that the novelty will eventually replace the 4.2 billion disposable chemical patches that are used annually to relieve pain around the world.