Lamp Rain: drops of light

Lighting designer Richard Clarkson managed to combine two separate environments in nature - water and electricity, resulting in the Rain lamp.

The lamp is enclosed in a glass sphere. In its upper part there is a waterproof LED lamp, and at the bottom, about half, the sphere is filled with water. Next to the light bulb there is a micro-peristaltic pump, which pumps water through a tube dipped in water to the upper part, from where it drips back to the surface in a certain sequence through tiny holes.

As a result, the light, passing through the water, creates fascinating reflections on the floor. The pump can be configured for different modes of water delivery. Richard Clarkson himself likes it best when three drops fall one after the other in quick succession and overlapping ripples form.

Richard's light was inspired by patterns on the ceiling created by fish lit up in an aquarium. He presented his creation during the design week in New York, valuing it at $ 940.