The SMFX smart light bulb will illuminate your home in all colors

The smartest home devices are tackling small everyday tasks. For example, the SMFX Bluetooth smart lamp claims to literally transform your home. Its shelf life is up to 27 years, and all this time it will provide lighting and the right mood with minimal energy consumption.

The smart lamp is compatible with any outlet and switch type. It consumes 1/10 of the energy of a conventional lamp and has a resource of about 40, 000 hours. A special mobile application for smartphones has been developed to manage additional functions.

The SMFX color gamut is simply limitless and has 16 million color shades. In addition, the smart lamp has a timer function. By setting the desired mode, the user will have at his disposal a kind of light alarm clock that illuminates the room in accordance with the time of day. And, for example, by turning on the "Disco" mode, you can have a home disco.

The cost of a smart lamp is about $ 40.