Astronauts get a smart glove for remote control of drones

In future space missions to other planets, astronauts will likely need drones. But there is a problem - it is very difficult to control them in a spacesuit. The Astronaut Smart Glove, developed by the Norwegian startup Ntention, is designed to solve it.

With built-in sensors that respond to the slightest hand and finger movements and translate them into commands, the Astronaut Smart Glove is essentially a remote control for a drone.

The development interested scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center, who tested it this summer at the "Martian" test site - Devon Island in the Arctic as part of the Hoton-Mars project.

By donning the Astronaut Smart Glove, the user was able to remotely pilot a traditional quadcopter. Naturally, in the conditions of the Martian atmosphere, specialized drones adapted to it will be required. The Norwegians clarify that the technology they have developed is quite applicable in terrestrial conditions - for example, in construction.