Wembley Stadium arch will be an indicator of fan mood

The famous Wembley Stadium arch takes on two more unusual functions. Very soon she will become an indicator of the emotions of tens of thousands of fans gathered in its stands.

Those who wish to participate in this will need to download a special application that makes it possible to turn on the colors of their favorite team during the match. The rest will be done by thousands of LED lights, which will transform the arch into a giant multi-colored shining garland.

The author of the grandiose high-tech makeup - the EE company hopes that its brainchild will become the digital pulse of the stadium. This innovation is not the first. Prior to that, the company equipped the arch with a variety of video cameras, allowing smartphone and PC users to watch matches online around the clock.

But that's not all. To avoid queuing at the diner during the break, you can order your favorite Big Mac or a bottle of Coca-Cola directly to the stands using the same smartphone app. The main thing is not to forget to correctly report your place.

Your impressions of the match can be immediately posted online without fear of overload. However, there were skeptics here too. They, oddly enough, turned out to be the players of the English Premier League, who fear that their fans will be distracted from the game and not so actively support their team.