Blue LEDs help keep food fresher longer

In a study by a team of scientists from the University of Singapore, it was found that the light from blue LEDs has antibacterial properties, and when combined with cooling, it eliminates the need for preservatives that are oversaturated in food.

Scientists are sure that their discovery will be in demand especially in fast food chains, since potential customers in the products they offer are deterred by a large number of food additives of questionable content.

Experiments have shown that the greatest effect is obtained by a combination of blue light with a cool temperature of +4 - + 15 ° C, as well as with an acidic environment, typical, for example, of freshly cut fruits. It turns out that bacterial cells contain light-sensitive compounds that absorb light in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

When exposed to the light from the blue LEDs and the coolness, many bacteria are killed. One of the team leaders, Professor Yuk Hyun-Gyun, assessed the results of the work done:

Our research reveals great potential for preserving food without additional chemical processing. Life shows that the demand for products without food additives and preservatives is constantly growing.