Sound waves passing through the skull could replace online passwords

An interesting experiment was conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Stuttgart by passing identical sound waves through the skulls of 10 different people. The results obtained formed the basis for the creation of the SkullConduct device.

As it turned out, the skulls of all people are individual, therefore, sound waves passing through them have different characteristics, which can be further used as a new form of identification. Its efficiency reaches 97%.

The SkullConduct headset, made up of two conductive plates, attaches to the top of the cheekbones near the ears. The creators of the device are already proposing to use it when working with a virtual headset Google Glass instead of a password to enter the sphere of Internet services.

SkullConduct is currently being tested. Researchers are working to improve its effectiveness. In particular, they intend to replace annoying noise with a short piece of music or ringing.