Welcome to the Cirque du Soleil innovation laboratory

The circus company Cirque du Soleil has brought journalists into its new department - the multidisciplinary research unit Nextasy. It was launched this year to bring together a range of laboratories, ateliers and studios to create cutting-edge technology solutions for the circus. According to the organizers, the centuries-old idea has survived - the circus should surprise and amaze the viewer. But now with the help of technologies and methods of the XXI century.

Nextasy is based in Montreal, at the headquarters of the organization, but its agents operate around the world, studying and collecting useful innovations. For example, on the scale of a circus arena, you cannot arrange a global light show using hundreds of quadcopters, as they do in China. But these machines themselves have long been taken into service.

Among the promising novelties are the use of exoskeletons and augmented reality. Elements such as "smart tail" or dynamic center of gravity will help acrobats perform unimaginable tricks. And if the viewer sees not just the calculated movement of the artists around the stage, but the whole performance, albeit half virtual, it will surely make an impression on him. And this is just a small part of what Nextasy is working on.