Moscow archaeologists have found a treasure from the time of Ivan the Terrible

According to archaeologists, the treasure found in the bone chess piece of an elephant dates back to the middle of the 16th century, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The treasure is represented by 10 hand-minted coins for a total of 6 kopecks. It was established that they were struck at the mints of Tver and Moscow.

Judging by the place where the coins were stored - inside the chess piece of an elephant - some Muscovites preferred to hide money from possible intruders. According to another and far from the latest version, the found coins were a stash hidden by the owner of the family from his wife. However, in any case, we are talking about a solid amount of money at that time.

According to the representative of the Museum of Archeology, for a penny at that distant time you could buy a whole goose and a barrel of cucumbers. It is safe to say that the priceless find will soon find its rightful place among the museum's exhibits. In order to preserve the coins and the elephant figure, they were covered with a special protective compound.

It only remains to add that the treasure was discovered in the process of replacing gas pipelines on Prechistenka by a volunteer named Stakanov.