A perfectly preserved 400-year-old sailing ship found at the bottom of the Baltic

Volunteer divers from the Finnish non-profit organization Badewanne discovered an interesting object in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland - a sunken sailing ship of the 17th century. Or even half a century earlier - specialists have to find out. They are incredibly lucky: the flute lies at the bottom almost intact, and what is most intriguing is that its holds are full of various cargoes.

The "flute" type sailing ship for the 16th century became a breakthrough transport ship of its time and provided its Dutch inventors with enormous advantages in trade at sea. Small, but with a spacious hold and extremely good sailing equipment, it could be operated by a small crew and had the best ratio of profit from cargo transportation to operating costs. The most valuable and demanded goods were transported on flutes, which gives the find even more weight.

The ship lies at a depth of 85 m, which allows you to get close to it using standard diving equipment. These waters are dark, cold and have low salinity; microorganisms that feed on wood do not live here. The reasons for the shipwreck have not yet been established, they found out only the approximate age of the sailboat - more than 400 years. The surviving ship is a real time capsule, which the Finnish and Swedish scientists intend to carefully open after the most careful preparation.