The Pentagon invites hackers to attack their websites

The US Department of Defense, to everyone's surprise, invited hackers to attack their websites. True, in this case, certain conditions must be met: the hacker must be a US citizen who has passed a special check.

The action is called "Hack the Pentagon". Its purpose is to identify weaknesses in the open pages of the military department. In his address to the protesters, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (shortly after visiting Silicon Valley) said:

“Our test is an invitation to responsible hackers to help test our cybersecurity. I am confident that this initiative will strengthen it and, ultimately, enhance our national security. "

This is the Pentagon's pilot program, similar to those regularly carried out by the world's largest companies, seriously concerned about hacker activity.

Carter also announced plans to create a Defense Innovation Advisory Board, which will meet periodically under the chairmanship of Eric Schmidt of Google's leadership.

The Council will provide the military leadership with independent advice on how to address "future organizational and cultural problems, including those associated with the use of alternative technologies."