Scientists from Tomsk will help restore the voice of patients with removed larynx

This is a joint project of two well-known scientific teams of Tomsk - the State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and the Research Institute of Oncology. The software complex developed by them will help in the restoration of the voice of patients with removed larynx.

According to available data, in Russia every year 25 thousand of cancer patients have their larynx removed, which entails inevitable loss of voice. The essence of the joint work of programmers and doctors is to create accessible software with the help of which patients will be able to partially restore their voice.

The program involves several stages of recovery. At the beginning, the volume and duration of the speech is estimated, after which the frequency of the main tone is measured online. As a rule, the voice frequency does not exceed 20 hertz after surgery. After the rehabilitation course, it can be increased 6-7 times or more.

It was very important for scientists to minimize the error in determining the frequency of the main tone as much as possible. They managed to reduce the error to 1-3%. The program determines the frequency of the required sound within 15 ms, and phrases - in 50 ms. The information received by the computer is immediately evaluated in the form of a corresponding inscription on the screen.

Having detailed information, patients recover their voice much faster. Thanks to the program, the recovery course lasts a little over three weeks instead of 2-4 months according to the previous methods.