The creators of Game of Cloudz turned weather forecast into a game

The American development team has challenged smartphone users around the world. The Game of Cloudz application they created will allow anyone to prove that they are able to predict the weather better than professional forecasters. The software turns the work of a meteorologist into a game and draws on the powerful crowdsourcing potential of weather forecasts.

The game allows participants to share their own predictions in the community of other local players, keep logs and track the history of their successful predictions.

Game of Cloudz has access to professional weather data, on the basis of which players make forecasts. Moreover, all participants in the game compete with each other in the accuracy of predictions. The results of their labors are recorded in local, as well as national and global ratings, for accurate predictions the game awards special badges.

The developers hope that Game of Cloudz will have a community of enthusiastic players (whom they call Wexperts). These amateur meteorologists will compete with each other to use their knowledge for the most accurate weather forecasts.

Now the program is at the beta test stage and the developers plan to raise from 50 to 150 thousand dollars, which will help bring it to the market.