Batman's ancestor was an ancient Mayan monster demon

Officially, the world's most famous comic book character, Batman, appeared in 1939, but new research indicates that the Batman is rooted in ancient cultures. He is described in the Mayan epic "Popol-Vuh" - there it is a monster named Kamazots, who performs the functions of the deity of death and is distinguished by incredible bloodthirstiness and love for bats.

Translated from the Quiche language, which was spoken by the tribes in the mountainous part of Guatemala during the Mayan era, Kamazots means “deadly bat”. He was depicted as a creature with the body of a human and the head of a bat, allowing him to effectively immobilize his victims. Kamazotz, unlike Batman, did not save anyone - on the contrary, he hunted negligent travelers, tore off their heads and drank blood.

Scientists believe that the myths about giant vampire bats of the species D. draculae could become the prototype of Kamazots. They lived in the Holocene and belonged to the megafauna, but died out long ago. The wingspan of these mice reached 50 cm, the head was the size of a human fist, and the need for the blood of other animals is so great that they were not afraid to risk attacking large creatures. Including a human being - an attack by such a deadly mouse can really give rise to myths about a monster hunter.

In Popol-Vuh, Kamazots is shown as a demonic entity that has nothing to do with superheroes. However, he did not care who to deal with - a bandit from the high road or a simple traveler. He lived in a large cave with other bats, from where he got out to hunt - just like Batman does.